The Bio Post is an informative, contemporary online blog that publishes articles on topics and issues in the biological science world.

Posting bi-weekly, this blog creates posts ranging between current events, breakthroughs, research experiments, technological advances, ground-breaking discoveries, and personal experiences from the author.

What’s the goal? The goal of this blog is not to purely inform, but rather to inspire change, shed light on pressing issues, promote various practices, and develop a better and broader general understanding of biology. Articles will touch on topics such as neuroscience, environmental science, molecular and cell biology, among others.

What will we see? The articles posted on this website will vary between strong reports on various topics, brief introductions to emerging fields, and thoughtful reflections on present-day research. The blog targets an audience that expresses some degree of curiosity or interest in general biology. It is run by a single high-school student out of the Philadelphia area, hoping to create a positive impact in scientific journalism and general knowledge.

How is it unique? The Bio Post maintains an active involvement in the science community by providing consistent updates on current research.

Is there a social media presence? The Bio Post is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, it is constantly creating updates, posting links or videos, and promoting community interaction. These accounts can be found on the social media bar at the top, bottom, or to the side of this page.

Created on April 19, 2019, The Bio Post aims to be a valuable resource to people everywhere.