Hello everyone! My name is Rohit, and I am currently a highschooler in the Philly area. I am writing this blog to explore my passion for the biological sciences as well as share my thoughts on research. I’ve always had a specific interest in behavioral biology and neuroscience and I plan on establishing a career in that field in the future. I hope that I can change lives through pursuing neurological research. My lifelong goal is to be able to create a positive impact in other peoples’ lives, and I’ve recently launched a mission to aid low-income families in the inner city area by helping to provide access to modern technology in their communities and schools. Everything written here is created by me, with inspiration from my family. With this blog, I hope that I can inform, inspire, and update you on all things bio. You can contact me on the major social media platforms which can be found all over this site, or at thebiopostblog@gmail.com.

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